Answer ot Peter

Peter, these moments do not necessarily precede a fall into blankness. Sometimes we get the blues and when they follow a route that was going upwards the fall can seem greater ~ “If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor…” (The great and wonderful Tim Booth in his James incarnation)
It can seem so frightening when you see the chasm opening, I do understand. Is this feeling connected to anything in particular? Is it one thought process leading to another? Hang in there, sleep if you want to, watch telly if you want to, hang out here if you want to.
Claire xx


Been doing fine ’til now. And over the past month. Now I feel so down I think I might throw up. It’s worse because it feels like it’s a demo of
how this year will be. I wanted so much to start afresh. I got up and
did stuff this morning. Cleaned and dusted. Wrote list of things to do.
Then after luch I stopped. Sat down and have been sinking ever since. Got erectile dysfunction, found to buy cialis online. I feel trapped again. I’m tired. Maybe that’s it. But I know if I don’t go and try to sleep for a while I’m going to keep sinking. I’m afraid to get too depressed.


Jen and her depression fight

I have been dealing with depression for a couple of decades and have
started taking antidepressants in the last 7 years. I never knew what was wrong with me. I just thought I was a “sad” and over-reactive person, or at least that’s what everyone told me.

About 7 years ago I was feeling so bad that one morning I could not even pick my head up off of my pillow. I laid in bed and hoped that I could somehow die there. I kept thinking of Pearl Jam’s song Black. It was how I felt about everything. I realized I was in deep shit so I went to my health care center. The P.A. wanted to put me in some kind of hospital for three days. I told her I wouldn’t go – I had a family and I promised her I would do nothing foolish. She put me on Wellbutrin which worked for quite a few years. Then I began having panic attacks. I decided to try Paxil. I have only been on Paxil for two months, but I don’t know if this drug is worth it. Sure, I mostly have a feeling of well-being but the side effects are TREMENDOUS. I started having puffy eyes and painful joints when I got out of bed. Now, every night I wake up and I’m in pain all over. In the morning when I get up I have pain in most of my joints. The only blessing about this drug is that it sure has helped my attitude! I don’t have the bad dreams I was having at night and I am feeling like I actually have self-confidence.

Has anyone else had the symptoms I’m describing or is it just me?! Does anyone else feel as though they developed a severe case of arthritis overnight from taking 20 mg’s of Paxil daily? Please let me know. Thanks all–glad I found this group!


Welbutrin and sexual disfunction

Can anyone relate their experiences with treating depression with
welbutrin? I have been taking effexor but i would like to try
something that is different and does not contribute to sexual
disfunction as much.

The only thing I can relate about Wellbutrin is that I had a horrid allergic reaction but there are other meds that are good too. I take Remeron and it doesn’t affect sexual function according to my shrink.